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Story About Our Organization
About WELL

Our Gorgeous Story

The WELL organization was founded in 2017 in the state of Virginia as a non-profit organization (3, C, 501) by Dr. Fariba Parsa, who after three years of leadership activities at George Mason University with female students of different nationalities in 2021 with the formation.

The new board members (Dr. Rezvan Moghaddam, Dr. Fariba Parsa and Maryam Moradi) decided to focus on Iranian women activists (inside or outside of Iran) and offer online leadership skills courses, as well as to create A global online network with women’s rights activists such as grassroots women’s human rights organizations, activists, researchers and other women professionals in this field.

Our Values

Training leadership skills by empowering and empowering women’s rights activists to eliminate sex-gender discrimination Principles and values
Respect for Human Rights
Responsibility & Commitment
Teamwork & Cooperation
Courage & Creativity

Our Mission

To improve the statues of women and contribute for gender equality in Iran through online leadership education, research, and global networking

Our Vision

  • To establish a democracy where gender equality is upheld across political, economic, cultural and individual spheres, ensuring that all enjoy fundamental freedom